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02 Mar 2023

#IWD2023 When everyone is included, everyone wins.

“When everyone is included, everyone wins” – Jesse Jackson   I am a big believer that equality belongs to no single person or ay one organisation, but to the collective efforts of all who care about advancing our workplaces and our world to become more inclusive.   #IWD belongs to everyone, everywhere, everyday   Tremendously [...]
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27 Feb 2023

Micro-Coach: How to find an ally at work!

Micro-Coach: How do you find an ally at work!   Find an ally & be an ally for others. This is the superpower for a successful and happy career journey for everyone.   As a working parent and a huge supporter of women doing well in work and life, I am a big fan of [...]
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23 Jan 2023

Micro-Coach: 5 things to stop doing & boost self-confidence

Micro-Coach: 5 things to STOP doing & boost self-confidence.   Do you find yourself sabotaging your self-confidence?   When we are self-confident we feel comfortable in our own skin. An inner calm that we accept ourself and don’t give that responsibility to anyone else.   Unfortunately, our loud unconscious mind, convinces us, it’s others who [...]
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16 Jan 2023

Micro-Coach: 3 tips to boost self-love for working parents

Micro-Coach: 3 tips to boost self-love   What will be your most important decision in 2023?   The very one that might affect every other decision you make this year is the commitment to #1 love and accept yourself.   #Self-Love is the 1 critical ingredient we too often neglect (especially as busy working parents). [...]
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29 Aug 2022

Micro-Coach: How to optimise your stress

Micro-Coach: How to optimise your stress   Does stress feel like a lurking enemy in your busy life?   We are more resilient to stress than we think. We often fear and push away stress, but when we learn to manage it better, stress can become our ally rather than our enemy.   In this [...]
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11 Jul 2022

Micro-Coach: Play to your strengths. Supercharge your performance

Micro Coach: Play to your strengths. Supercharge your performance.   Have you considered how powerful your self-awareness and natural strengths might be to boosting your mental fitness, plus improving your performance and happiness at work and in life?   These 2 small but mighty human skills live within each of us. When we tap into [...]
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16 Mar 2022

Micro-Coach: How to be the Courageous Leader you are!

Leaning into being the courageous leader YOU ARE! (designed especially for the many talented women out there + time poor professionals looking for a bit of coaching support).   5 simple ideas in 5 quick minutes.   In this Micro-Coach you will learn to: 💥 See yourself as a leader 💥 Get clear on who [...]
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04 Feb 2022

Micro-Coach: How to achieve better work-life integration

3 key principles and simple everyday techniques to immediately achieve better work-life integration. This edition of Micro-Coach is perfect for busy working parent professionals. About Micro-Coach, brought to you by UnlimitU: 5 minute fast coaching sessions, delivered by Poppy Griffiths, Director and Founder of UnlimitU. Covers specific topics that are important to working professionals, like [...]
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