Month: January 2023

23 Jan 2023

Micro-Coach: 5 things to stop doing & boost self-confidence

Micro-Coach: 5 things to STOP doing & boost self-confidence.   Do you find yourself sabotaging your self-confidence?   When we are self-confident we feel comfortable in our own skin. An inner calm that we accept ourself and don’t give that responsibility to anyone else.   Unfortunately, our loud unconscious mind, convinces us, it’s others who [...]
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16 Jan 2023

Micro-Coach: 3 tips to boost self-love for working parents

Micro-Coach: 3 tips to boost self-love   What will be your most important decision in 2023?   The very one that might affect every other decision you make this year is the commitment to #1 love and accept yourself.   #Self-Love is the 1 critical ingredient we too often neglect (especially as busy working parents). [...]
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