16 Jan 2023

Micro-Coach: 3 tips to boost self-love for working parents

Micro-Coach: 3 tips to boost self-love


What will be your most important decision in 2023?


The very one that might affect every other decision you make this year is the commitment to #1 love and accept yourself.


#Self-Love is the 1 critical ingredient we too often neglect (especially as busy working parents). Yet, it’s the foundation to realising all our goals, and living a fulfilling life in every area; relationships, family, & career.


New #MicroCoach landed! Watch the video in this post!


Explore 3 game-changing ideas that you can put into daily action to boost your happiness and improve your commitment to self-love.


 👫CONNECTIONS – When we connect with others, we feel energised and heard. What can you do each day to increase your connections with others?


🌿GROWTH – We have an instinctive need to learn and grow. What can you do each day, big or small, to work towards something, and see the progress?


☀️PURPOSE – When we have a reason for doing something, it propels us forward, and it doesn’t have to be your life work. What can you do each day that fills you with energy?


Ask yourself, do I need more self-love? And if you do, begin with a little time each day nurturing your #connections, #growth and #purpose.


Your goals will fall into place, and likely faster than you expect.


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About Micro-Coach, brought to you by UnlimitU:

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