Month: March 2022

28 Mar 2022

Managing Time, Energy & Great Habits as a Working Parent

ABOUT: I'm excited to be chatting with Poppy Griffiths on the Well Workplaces working parents mini podcast series. In this #linkedinlive we will discuss easy techniques working parents can use to understand in real terms, what they should be doing more of, and what they should be cutting out of their week. We will unpack [...]
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21 Mar 2022

How to find better balance and happiness as a dual-career couple

ABOUT: 70% of couples in Australia both work. For dual career couples the juggle of competing priorities can be a challenge through different stages of their career. Is finding balance as a dual career really achievable? In continuing with the hashtag#workingparent theme, this session I'm excited to connect with Poppy to talk about strategies to [...]
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16 Mar 2022

Micro-Coach: How to be the Courageous Leader you are!

Leaning into being the courageous leader YOU ARE! (designed especially for the many talented women out there + time poor professionals looking for a bit of coaching support).   5 simple ideas in 5 quick minutes.   In this Micro-Coach you will learn to: 💥 See yourself as a leader 💥 Get clear on who [...]
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14 Mar 2022

Mastering overwhelm & guilt for working parents

ABOUT: As a parent one of the biggest stressors I have is finding the balance in being present at work while consistently spending cherished time with family and children. Finding the sweet spot for managing career throughout working parenthood but also mastering the guilt and overwhelm that comes with it is always at the forefront [...]
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