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23 Jan 2024

2024 Courageous Women in Leadership Program

CALLING ALL COURAGEOUS WOMEN!!    UnlimitU's Courageous Women in Leadership Program is back by popular demand in 2024!   An intimate leadership development opportunity for mid-level & emerging leaders wanting to build their authentic brand & core leadership skill capabilities, so they can confidently step up into senior leadership.   Come learn, grow and share with [...]
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26 Apr 2022

Supporting working mums to lean into their careers with confidence

ABOUT: What stops women from leaning into what they really want at work? On the Well Workplaces #podcast we have gone on a journey with Poppy Griffiths on the #workingparents podcast mini-series. To close out the working parents focus we are talking today about arguably the most important and impactful people in the working parents [...]
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19 Apr 2022

Setting working dads up for success at work and home

ABOUT: Are you a high performing juggling struggling working Dad? The changing desires and needs of working Dads in the last decade has been great to see. It is well documented that working Dad's want to be more hands on with care giving duties as well as still manage career progression. With more workplaces bringing [...]
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12 Apr 2022

Get Ahead at Home & Work: Know your value & Embrace all feedback

ABOUT: Working parents are leaders at work and leaders at home.   In this working parent podcast episode we will discuss the idea of getting ahead at home and work by embracing feedback and knowing your true value.   We will discuss why knowing your value is so important. Poppy has some interesting questions to [...]
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28 Mar 2022

Managing Time, Energy & Great Habits as a Working Parent

ABOUT: I'm excited to be chatting with Poppy Griffiths on the Well Workplaces working parents mini podcast series. In this #linkedinlive we will discuss easy techniques working parents can use to understand in real terms, what they should be doing more of, and what they should be cutting out of their week. We will unpack [...]
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21 Mar 2022

How to find better balance and happiness as a dual-career couple

ABOUT: 70% of couples in Australia both work. For dual career couples the juggle of competing priorities can be a challenge through different stages of their career. Is finding balance as a dual career really achievable? In continuing with the hashtag#workingparent theme, this session I'm excited to connect with Poppy to talk about strategies to [...]
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14 Mar 2022

Mastering overwhelm & guilt for working parents

ABOUT: As a parent one of the biggest stressors I have is finding the balance in being present at work while consistently spending cherished time with family and children. Finding the sweet spot for managing career throughout working parenthood but also mastering the guilt and overwhelm that comes with it is always at the forefront [...]
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