23 Jan 2023

Micro-Coach: 5 things to stop doing & boost self-confidence

Micro-Coach: 5 things to STOP doing & boost self-confidence.


Do you find yourself sabotaging your self-confidence?


When we are self-confident we feel comfortable in our own skin. An inner calm that we accept ourself and don’t give that responsibility to anyone else.


Unfortunately, our loud unconscious mind, convinces us, it’s others who determine our worthiness. But guaranteed, we find no confidence in doing this.


Most people say…’needing validation from others’ damages their confidence the most. When we seek validation, we are asking others to prove our value & our worth. And when we do that, we affirm we are not capable of doing it for ourselves.


So 5 things you can stop doing right now to help boost your self-confidence.


• Stop getting others to validate your decisions

• Stop seeking approval for your great ideas

• Stop making career decisions based on others’ opinions

• Stop doing something to gain others acceptance

• Stop putting on an act so people like you


When we fall victim to any of these 5 things, we are giving away our worth to others, and this is giving all our confidence away.


So, 1 easy action you can try every day? Find ways to give value to others without expecting anything in return. Give value however you want, but do it for the process, for internal reward, not for external validation.


Try this 1 action each day, and notice your inner confidence and happiness grow.


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