27 Feb 2023

Micro-Coach: How to find an ally at work!

Micro-Coach: How do you find an ally at work!


Find an ally & be an ally for others. This is the superpower for a successful and happy career journey for everyone.


As a working parent and a huge supporter of women doing well in work and life, I am a big fan of allyship.


When you have an ally, you have someone that has your back. You have someone that is willing to use their personal privilege, experience, influence to amplify YOU!


I remember some 15 years back, working for Jetstar, and being introduced to allyship by accident really. An executive used to come up and ask, what I was working on, what I enjoyed…things like this. And I used to totally freak out. I didn’t want to look silly and worried about saying the right things.


Over time I learned the importance of these interactions and became prepared. I knew he valued my opinion, so I shared it a bit more boldly. I knew he’d ask questions, so I was ready to answer them. I focused on what I loved contributing most. I found an ally, and I know he was right behind decisions that gave me numerous career opportunities with Jetstar.


So how do you get an ally? It can feel really daunting. Especially when we aren’t as senior in our career. When it feels uncomfy, the best thing is to have an action plan, this gives us courage.


*** 3 actions to find your ally***


1. Know your organisation, who has a seat at the decision-making table?

(HINT: They might not be the most senior person, but are they liked, respected and have influence)


2. Identify someone who has some good visibility into your work?

(HINT: You might not report to them, but perhaps you are regularly in meetings)


3. Pick 1 person and start building a good relationship with them

(HINT: Be authentic, ask them questions, seek their input, share your viewpoint, and all you love doing)


Find that person that will amplify YOU!


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