29 Aug 2022

Micro-Coach: How to optimise your stress

Micro-Coach: How to optimise your stress


Does stress feel like a lurking enemy in your busy life?


We are more resilient to stress than we think. We often fear and push away stress, but when we learn to manage it better, stress can become our ally rather than our enemy.


In this Micro-Coach (5 minutes of coaching power) 👇 we explore how we can optimise our #STRESS and minimise the downsides we fear, while capturing all the upsides.


🥕Why we shouldn’t fear stress

🥕Get to the optimal ‘Stress Stretch Zone’

🥕Identify your stress triggers

🥕Adopt the 7 essential daily must-haves to keep your mind at its best


Every time we embrace work and life’s stress, we are building our #resilience to take on the next challenge with less fear and more ease. #mentalfitness


Stress with the right control and recovery helps us deliver our A Game when we need!


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About Micro-Coach, brought to you by UnlimitU:

5 minute fast coaching sessions, delivered by Poppy Griffiths, Director and Founder of UnlimitU. Micro-Coach covers specific topics that are important to working professionals, like career coaching personal leadership development, and looking after your positive mental wellbeing. Packed with all the goodness of science and crafted to provide you with simple micro-actions you can begin to build into your every day to facilitate positive changes


Poppy is UnlimitU's founder and principal success coach. "Every human has more potential, hidden, held back or in the making"