11 Jul 2022

Micro-Coach: Play to your strengths. Supercharge your performance

Micro Coach: Play to your strengths. Supercharge your performance.


Have you considered how powerful your self-awareness and natural strengths might be to boosting your mental fitness, plus improving your performance and happiness at work and in life?


These 2 small but mighty human skills live within each of us. When we tap into them our confidence, our success and ambitions, and our relationships are supercharged. In fact, the globally renowned Gallup organisation’s research reports; that using our strengths improves quality of our lives by 3X, and our work performances by 18%…..now that’s a lot!


In this micro-coach you will learn about your 2 critical human skills for success…


1. What is self-awareness? How you can become more self aware?

2. What are natural strengths? How you can use them everyday?


If you are seeking a performance or mental fitness boost, try bringing more self-awareness and strength use into your every day. Your results and happiness will soar.


About Micro-Coach, brought to you by UnlimitU:

5 minute fast coaching sessions, delivered by Poppy Griffiths, Director and Founder of UnlimitU. Micro-Coach covers specific topics that are important to working professionals, like career coaching personal leadership development, and looking after your positive mental wellbeing. Packed with all the goodness of science and crafted to provide you with simple micro-actions you can begin to build into your every day to facilitate positive changes


Poppy is UnlimitU's founder and principal success coach. "Every human has more potential, hidden, held back or in the making"